Building Green and How Modular Home Builders Are Helping In the Process

Building your own home is one of life’s great experiences, a true reflection of your taste and personality. Modular home builders are helping new home clients build “green”, which is far healthier for your family, your budget, your neighborhood and the planet. Here is how some modular manufacturers and builders are doing it.1. With modular home building, approximately 80% of your home is built in a factory, reducing the environmental impact on the environment at your site. Conventional stick-building interrupts the ecosystem for a considerably longer period of time, which will increase disruptive noise, dirt, debris and storm water run-off when compared to modular home building.2. Because modular homes are built in a closed indoor environment, lumber and other building materials never get wet, mitigating potential mold and mildew problems. This creates a healthy living condition and cleaner non-toxic air in your home for you and your family to breathe.3. The exactness of the manufacturing technology means building materials are not wasted on site due to faulty workmanship or the inability to accurately measure the exact needs of a project. This means less waste.4. Recycling is commonplace amongst the modular manufacturing industry. For instance, drywall scraps may be recycled for lime to later be used to support farming.5. Modular homes are typically manufactured with higher rated insulation materials, using less energy to heat and cool the home.6. Modular builders are embracing bamboo flooring systems, geothermal energy sources and solar electricity systems, enhancing the inherent energy efficiency promoted by the factory manufacturing process.7. At least one leading Northeastern modular manufacturer is a plant-certified Energy Star Partner, meaning it can have the modular Energy Star components certified at the factory, eliminating the travel and cost associated with a HERS rating travelling back and forth to the factory during the manufacturing process.So, if you are building a new home and are interested in applying state of the art building technologies to minimize the environmental impact of your construction and the impact of your carbon footprint over the years of owning and living in your new home, modular building technology may be best for you!